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top 500 business list PeterboroughPeterborough Top Companies - Companies based in Peterborough - Top Companies in Peterborough provides a detailed business list and valuable financial data on the major (biggest) employers in Peterborough. Peterborough is a thriving city, a regional centre for commerce, industry, transport and leisure. The population is expected to grow by some 30,000 within the next 10 years. Major house building schemes together with a £1 billion redevelopment of the city centre is planned. Major companies in the area include Churchill Insurance, Ikea (distribution centre), Indesit and Thomas Cook.

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Peterborough Area Information 2011

Population estimated at just under 173,000 with a catchment area in excess of 250,000.
Unemployment rate currently believed to be around 5.7%.
Average Earnings £23,500.
Average House Prices £115,500.


Peterborough City is a hive of business activity, from leisure, construction, distribution, and insurance. Home to Thomas Cook, Ideal Shopping Direct and 500 other major companies providing a diverse range of employment and supplier chain opportunities.

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top 500 business list PeterboroughThis professionally compiled Peterborough City Business List is available for immediate download, providing you with a single source of information on companies in the Peterborough Area. You will probably come across a number of sources on the Web providing information on companies in Peterborough, a lot of them free, many of them out of date, which will give you basic information on some of the major employers - if your budget is very small then these may be a good place to start. However, the information supplied by Top Companies provides everything you will need in a single spreadsheet so you don't waste valuable time searching and re-typing for hours and days only to find the information you collected is only half of that obtained from using our major employers in Peterborough business list.

The Top 500 Peterborough companies list provides up-to-date, well researched data on one of the key economic regions in the UK, with stong emphasis on the distribution, travel industry, insurance and business services. The Peterborough business lists include details of the Company, Company address and postcode, telephone number, fax number (if available), the company's principle activity, numbers employed by the company and annual turnover as well as other useful details such as the web address link which will take you directly to that company's web site (most companies web sites are full of iinformation, waiting to be used). Companies are listed by number of employees.

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Free Sample List - Download to get the full details. Peterborough companies include:-

Company Name Address Area Town Postcode
 Thomas Cook Group plc The Thomas Cook Business Park Coningsby Road Peterborough PE3 8SB
Indesit Company UK Ltd Morley Way Peterborough PE2 9JB
British Sugar Plc Sugar Way Peterborough PE2 9AY
Ideal Shopping Direct Ideal Home House Newark Road Peterborough PE1 5WG
Ikea Distributions Services Felton Parkway Peterborough PE2 9ET
Carter Jonas LLP 43 Priestgate Peterborough PE1 1AR


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Unitary Authority - Peterborough is a cathedral city and a unitary authority.


Peterborough City Council - Customer Service Centre, Bayard Place, Broadway, Peterborough, PE1 1FZ. Telephone 01733 747474


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PostCode Area - PE1 - Peterborough


Telephone Area Code - Peterborough STD Code 01733